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Slide recite interaction recording logo recite call recording screen ABOUT RECITE

RECITE is an award-winning interaction recording suite that helps you boost your business success and ensure compliance.

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Slide recitespe ABOUT RECITE SPE

RECITE Service Provider Edition (SPE) is a multi-tenant call recording solution for telecom service providers and shared contact centers.

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Numonix is an innovator in the development of interaction recording and quality management solutions.

Slide recite interaction recording diagram Flexible Technology & Integrations Record all available trunk interfaces such as analog, T1/E1/PRI and SIP, as well as analog, digital and VoIP handsets. Numonix also supports active and passive integrations with a broad spectrum of PBX and UC platforms. Slide Numonix And Microsoft Numonix works closely with Microsoft to develop interaction recording solutions that are Microsoft certified and tested. For more information on RECITE Click Here certificate skype for business Microsoft logo 2012.svg Slide numonix sonus call recording Numonix and Ribbon Interoperability tested and approved by Ribbon. Best-of-breed interaction recording and quality management enhance Ribbon SBC offerings.

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Enterprises looking to make sense of recording data use AI tools to unlock hidden insights and make smarter decisions. Contact us to find out why industry-leading AI providers have chosen Numonix to provide capture data. #Analytics #AI #ComplianceRecording

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Our customers are passionate about RECITE too!

RECITE is available globally throughout the Americas, APAC and EMEA.

Award-Winning Features Give You Insights for Powerful Decision Making

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