According to Gartner, by 2020, 20% of all contact center seats will be based on Skype for Business (S4B). If you are already using S4B in your customer service environment, did you know you can augment the application with a seamlessly integrated call recorder? This will enable you to capture all aspects of your S4B interactions.

The ability to capture and replay your full S4B interactions provides value to you and your contact center in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Improved agent training. Supervisors can review interactions with agents to validate positive interactions and to provide training on how to handle difficult situations.
  2. Agent self-evaluation for improved performance. Agents can review their own interactions to gain insights, see if they missed anything and to understand what might have gone wrong, such as if the customer defected.
  3. Easier dispute resolution. Replayed interactions can help resolve disputes by showing exactly what was said and by whom.
  4. Seamless interaction between inside and outside sales reps. Inside sales reps can forward recorded sales interactions to the sales rep who is being assigned the sales lead.
  5. Proven compliance. With the recorded interaction, you can prove compliance with GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, TSR and more.
  6. Easier training of new agents. Sharing recordings of successful interactions with new agents helps train them on best practices.
  7. Easy-to-access best practice sample calls. Replaying best-practice calls before team meetings can boost morale and give under-performing agents ideas for improving performance.
  8. Customer insights for company-wide knowledge. Enabling business users, such as marketing, sales, R&D and C-suite to listen to recorded customer interactions allows them to stay in tune with the needs and concerns of customers.
  9. Improve marketing and sales outreach. Review recorded interactions to uncover valuable customer insights to help your sales and marketing teams.
  10. Support employee reviews. Use recorded interactions in employee reviews to demonstrate improvement opportunities and what the agent did well.

Numonix RECITE interaction recording software can be seamlessly integrated into your S4B environment.

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