Your call center agents and inside salespeople directly impact your business’s relationship with valued customers and prospects on every single call they make or receive. Your employees’ interactions can lead to new sales, upsells or lost sales opportunities, even customer defection to your competition. With some call centers handling hundreds or even thousands of calls each week, it is easy to see how impactful these customer interactions can be to your brand, your reputation and your bottom line.
Internal compliance to company phone policies is essential to your business’s success. To ensure that your customer-facing employees are generating the best possible outcomes during each phone interaction, you need call recording and quality monitoring software. These solutions, which are integrated with your communications software, enable your supervisors and managers to record interactions, as well as store and replay them. This allows them to quickly and effectively assess the skills of your phone-based employees and retrain them on the hard and soft phone skills needed to meet internal compliance and facilitate successful calls.

Standard Internal Compliance Requirements for Phone-based Employees

A call recorder, combined with quality assurance software, helps to ensure that your phone-based employees are in continual compliance. Most medium-to-large call centers have strict internal compliance policies for call center agents and inside salespeople. Some of these internal compliance requirements may include:

Service Rep:

  1. Politely introducing oneself
  2. Obtaining verbal consent to record the call
  3. Keeping a positive attitude and staying calm under pressure
  4. Using proper etiquette
  5. Precisely navigating desktop applications in the correct order
  6. Repeating back a credit card number to ensure it is correct
  7. Locally storing the customer’s CVV2 number (located on the back of their credit card – cannot be stored anywhere per PCI Compliance)

Sales Rep – In addition to the above:

  1. Adherence to the sales script
  2. Requesting a follow-up appointment
  3. Asking for the sale
  4. Using the would-be customer’s first name when speaking to him/her
  5. Asking the individual how he/she heard of your company
  6. Uncovering the person’s underlying challenge/issue

The Solution: Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

The most effective and efficient way to ensure proper adherence to your internal customer service and sales compliance requirements is to capture a sampling of each rep’s interactions and then use skills assessment scorecards to assess and grade each employee. Quality management tools offer these capabilities, and this software is typically integrated seamlessly with the call recorder.

A versatile call recording and quality monitoring solution gives you the flexibility to address your business’s specific technical environment and interaction procedures and policies. Proprietary, limited-functionality products impose unnecessary roadblocks which can hinder your staff’s ability to evaluate compliance.

These are four key criteria to look for in a recording and quality management solution:

  1. Hybrid PBX recording – centrally recording and storing interactions from a combination of TDM, VoIP, Cloud or even Skype for Business interactions
  2. Integration capability with third-party analytics solutions – having access to a RECAP API, for example
  3. Auto-pause during credit card transactions – essential for maintaining PCI Compliance
  4. Selective scoring and total recording – the ability to record all calls and randomly flag calls for quality assurance. With 93 percent of customer interactions still taking place over the phone (and no end in sight!), it’s essential to deploy the proper tools necessary to tighten up your team’s customer interactions to successfully compete in today’s customer-driven market place.

Numonix RECITE interaction recording solution meets your internal and external compliance requirements and gives you the tools to successfully record and monitor calls for quality, helping to make every call an opportunity for success.