First we had call logging. Then we had call recording. Now we have unified communications recording. Just like the term “call logging” has slowly made its way out of the contact center vernacular, so too will the words “call recording”. Today’s contact centers and business at large use far more than just the telephone to communicate with customers and prospects. We are seeing a huge rise in online chat, such as Skype for Business, for example. In fact, over 50 percent of businesses today use Skype for Business for chat, voice, phone and video; and one in five contact center seats will use Skype for Business by 2020.

What all this means is that we are amidst the next evolution in the call recording industry, one that broadens the capabilities of traditional call recording solutions to now include the many channels of unified communications. Soon we will see recording systems that centrally record, store and replay landline, VoIP, mobile, chat, screen video, online meetings, email, and even SMS and social media. The value such a solution would afford a business is monumental. Think about it.

Regardless of which (or how many) communications channel(s) a customer uses to contact a business, it would all be centrally recorded, archived, searchable and retrievable for unified playback. Imagine, for example, a unified console that could pull together all of the communication for a particular customer. All of the calls, emails, chats, web page views, and even social media that the individual used over a period of time to interact with your business. Having all of that communication available to you in one place would be tremendous for your sales team, your customer service team and your marketing team. This aggregated intelligence would help to paint a very clear and distinct picture of this customer and uncover cross-sell/upsell opportunities and more.

This is where unified communications recording is headed, and it all starts today with call recording, chat recording, video recording and online meeting recording capabilities. If your interaction recording system currently only captures your phone calls, then you should consider re-evaluating your situation and decide whether or not you are selling yourself short by not capturing all of your customer interaction channels. The future is near. Are you prepared?