Mitel has made some significant acquisitions in the recent past to put itself in a position of great strength in the contact center space. These major moves, including the acquisition of Oaisys, followed by Toshiba’s telecommunications business, and most recently, purchasing ShoreTel, have greatly expanded Mitel’s capabilities. There are also, however, some downstream technical and cost-related challenges (and potential advantages) this consolidation can have on partners and customers that ought to be considered.

Most notably, businesses need to be thinking about how Mitel’s purchases will impact unified communications integrations (active and passive) and interoperability moving ahead, as well as audio capture methods. Each of the three platforms also has unique characteristics, such as OAI integrations into Toshiba, the latest Mitel Connect communication platform, and the recently released version 2 of Mitel’s Secure Recording connector.

As Mitel continues to integrate and evolve these products and potentially acquire future technologies, additional considerations will continue to arise. According to the Ottawa Business Journal (November 2, 2017), Mitel’s CEO is on the lookout for additional takeover targets at revenues continue to rise. All of this activity prompts the need for extreme versatility in a call recorder (especially for compliance driven recording), which has the flexibility necessary to support any and all of these environments.

This is where the versatility of Numonix and our RECITE recording solution comes in to play. RECITE is the most versatile recording platform available to anyone considering buying or upgrading in the environments of Mitel, ShoreTel or Toshiba.

Why Numonix?

· Only recording vendor to support both active and passive integrations with Mitel, ShoreTel and Toshiba platforms.

· Only recording vendor to offer OAI integration to Toshiba as well as CSTA.

· Only recording vendor certified on the latest major ShoreTel Connect (Now Mitel Connect) release, version 21.82.2142.0.

· Only recording vendor which can run integration of ShoreTel, Mitel and Toshiba in the same recording system. Great for migration strategies and side by side rollouts.

At Numonix, our goal is make sure that we future proof our customers recording solutions purchases while giving our partners all the tools necessary to make sure they can deliver the best product with the necessary deployment options, whether it be for Mitel, ShoreTel or Toshiba platforms.

Unlike most other recording solutions, RECITE also includes many additional features at no extra charge, including quality management, live monitoring, call reports and statistics, and more.