The word “omnichannel” is ubiquitous in the contact center industry today with regard to customer experience. It primarily refers to the ways or modes in which a company communicates with its customers – e.g. voice, video, chat, email, instant message and so on. Many customer focused organizations today put a lot of stock into ensuring an omnichannel experience.

The same, however, can’t really be said for measuring customer service performance. Sure, there are speech analytics solutions which capture and aggregate customer intelligence across channels, but what about presenting an integrated and unified playback experience to see precisely how a customer interacted with an organization? This isn’t nearly as ubiquitous today with call recording solutions. Companies struggle to piece together the often splintered components of a customer interaction, and this leaves quality evaluators at a loss when measuring agent performance.

Omnichannel playback is what is needed for quality monitoring evaluators to accurately review customer interactions as they occurred. Suppose a customer contacts a service rep using Skype for Business, for example.

According to Gartner Group, “By 2020, 20% of U.S. contact center seats will be based on Skype for Business.”

This interaction would likely include the following channels – audio, agent screen video and chat. In order to properly assess this multi-channel interaction, an integrated omnichannel playback experience would be needed to present a complete picture of this interaction as it occurred.

Numonix offers true omni-channel playback, which most vendors do not. Our multimedia player offers the call audio, the agent’s screen video, call details and online chat all in a single integrated playback window. This all-in-one playback experience arms quality supervisors with the tools needed to really pinpoint and address pressing performance issues.

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