Capturing, storing and replaying your Skype for Business interactions can bring your business a multitude of advantages over companies that do not. With Skype for Business recording, you can precisely measure and improve customer service, resolve costly disputes, improve compliance, and capture and analyze the voice of the customer to garner valuable sales and marketing intelligence.

With over 100M enterprise Skype for Business (S4B) seats already in use, 20% of all new U.S. contact center seats by the year 2020 will be based on S4B contact center environments. With all of these customer interactions taking place on this burgeoning unified communications platform, the time is now to start recording Skype for Business audio, video and chat and replay your interactions through a single, integrated playback window. The native application does not provide this advanced functionality. A separate, integrated and Microsoft-Certified S4B recorder is needed.
What’s more, new client-side recording for S4B allows your organization to further protect sensitive recordings by storing them in a secure on-premise or cloud (public or private) environment. Ideally suited for Skype for Business Online, the client-side recorder is an option available to all types of S4B deployments.

The desktop client is loaded onto each computer you wish to record. Calls are stored centrally in your own data center, with all of the security, permissions, and profiles you need to protect sensitive customer data. Users cannot access local files or modify recordings.

Improve Customer Service

Record your S4B customer interactions (all of them or a sampling of each agent’s calls) and use them to assess agent customer service performance. You can even replay them with the agent to identify skill gaps and demonstrate improvement opportunities.

Resolve Disputes

Capture, store, access, share and replay your S4B customer interactions to resolve a he-said/she-said dispute that might arise. You can send the recording right to the other party if necessary to prove exactly what was (and was not) said.

Enhance Compliance Practices

Regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and MiFID II can carry costly fines and penalties for non-compliance – even as high as 4% of your business’s total annual revenue. Record your customer interactions and replay them alongside agents to point out compliance best and worst-practices to improve your overall company compliance.

Garner Sales/Marketing Intelligence

With the addition of speech analytics, your S4B interactions can capture and share (via reports) invaluable customer insight including reasons for defecting, new product ideas, campaign feedback and buying behavior. Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to capture this same information.


Don’t get left behind. Start recording your S4B interactions today.