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Digital & Analog Extension Side

Digital and analog extension side recording is generally used for passive recording of non-IP extensions on a PBX.
This requires the decryption of proprietary PBX signaling and, in most cases, is more cost effective than a CTI integration.
It is supported through the use of a compatible recording card that is installed on the RECITE server and bridged to the phones via a patch panel.
It enables the recording of all calls made to and from an extension target that is patched in for recording.
It will record internal extension to extension calls as well as external calls.

There are two types of call recording for Digital and Analog Extensions: Passive and Active Recording.

Passive Recording is completely transparent to a telephone system. A passive integration involves the recorder passively sniffing (monitoring) a network for audio and call information to copy to the recorder. There is no impact to the telephone system at all.

Active Recording involves a switch-level integration that requires additional data from a CTI application from the PBX or a third-party vendor. This additional data facilitates an extended set of call controls, delivering greater flexibility and functionality as a result of the interaction between the call recorder and the PBX.

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