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Reseller Program

Becoming a Numonix Reseller provides a wide range of opportunities and benefits including new markets, advanced integrations and rich margins. Our philosophy is to limit the number of resellers in each region to offer the best possible opportunity for our partners to sell and market Numonix products in their region.

Numonix is worldwide developer and supplier of Call Recording and Quality Management software, marketing our products solely through a network of Numonix Resellers. Our Go To Market Strategy solely relies on our Reseller Network and their ability to generate a large, comprehensive pipeline, along with the assistance in closing business.

Numonix Selling Advantages

Competitively Priced Systems

Numonix Voice pricing competes effectively in any vertical and provides resellers with significant margins. Partners receive tiered and scalable discounts based upon activity and includes incentives to achieve and exceed sales targets.

Greater Market Exposure for Increased Revenue

Numonix’s worldwide presence and industry relationships provide our resellers with market exposure in commerce, transportation, utilities, healthcare and finance markets.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Demonstration Software, Reseller Portal, Reseller Marketing Programs, Sales and Technical Training help our Resellers launch their Numonix efforts quickly and easily. Sales associates are easily equipped with detailed product knowledge, market and product value propositions.

Market Reach

Resellers operate with mutually developed business plans in defined geographic and product market segments.

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