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Why Numonix

Numonix offers the single most versatile unified communications and Skype recording solution for businesses and service providers. Our products feature countless advantages over other recording providers, which leads to faster and better decision making, accelerated sales conversion and more effective risk mitigation and dispute resolution.
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Derive more value and make the recorder work for you:

Learn More

  • Uncover the intelligence you need
  • Monitor the KPIs that are important to you.

Save More

  • Reduce your TCO

Do More

  • Minimize troubleshooting to free up IT staff

Comply More

  • Customize  agent workflow and performance evaluation around strict regulatory adherence

Satisfy More

  • Identify what isn’t working and fix it immediately

What Makes Numonix Better? Only Numonix offers…

Windows 10-like tile dashboard displays all relevant intelligence in a very easy to consume, highly customizable format.
Proactive recording system monitoring tool to ensure zero down time.
80 customizable widgets and dashboards, 100 replay permission levels, 8 recording modalities, 50 canned and modifiable reports, and 4 types of built-in storage support.
True omni-channel playback offers the call audio, the agent's screen video, call details and online chat all in a single window.
Microsoft-certified Skype for Business recording, with 80+ enhanced call metric reports and dashboard widgets, proactive real-time system health monitoring, screen recording, chat recording, and Edge-based recording.
Hybrid cloud-based certified interaction recording solution for Skype for Business in Microsoft Office 365.
Advanced features at no extra charge, including quality monitoring, 80 widgets and dashboards, 50 canned reports and extensive APIs. Other vendors charge extra for this.
Support for every recording modality including Passive IP, active, IP, digital, analog, T1/E1/J1, SIPREC, radio and CTI/SMDR.